I am a mixed media artist and web designer based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Although I studied architecture, painting has always been a part of me. When my son was born in 2009, I was retrenched and decided to work from home and Crealuna Creative Studio was born. Currently I work as a freelance web and graphic designer, while exhibiting my paintings in the Pretoria area


“Art is like breathing to me. If I don’t do it, I start to choke.” Yoko Ono

This is so true for me. 10 years ago I started Crealuna Creative Studio (and painting), because I felt like I was being choked by my life, work and being retrenched. For 2020 I hope to recapture that feeling of freedom and inner peace in my paintings.




“For many years I struggled with my desire to paint for the sake of exploration, raw expression, and release. I thought my art needed to support an intellectual theory, make a political statement, or in some way change the world. Eventually I surrendered, allowing myself to paint for the purpose of painting and the joy it brings. After many years of following my heart, I now understand that the very act of pure expression does change the world. It changes the world by changing each and every person who is brave enough to pick up a paintbrush, open themselves up to the unknown, and express themselves honestly and intuitively. It is through this kind of heartfelt expression that truths are revealed, lives transform, and new worlds are born.”

Brave, Intuitive Painting – let go. be bold. unfold.

Flora Bowley

Welcome to my art studio.


Please make yourself at home.

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